Jesse Pinho


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    Jone (2022)
    Writer/director/sound designer
    A lonely android seeks to connect with humans by imitating them, with tragically comedic consequences.
  • Personalized Futures (2022)
    At Western Global University, an algorithm determines your major — and your career. But one student dares to choose her own path.
  • Atma (2022)
    Promotional video for David Wallace Haskins' Atma installation at Bridge Projects in Los Angeles.
  • Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights protest micro-documentary (2022)
    Micro-documentary of protests in Los Angeles after a draft of the ruling overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked.
  • The Good (2022)
    DP/production designer
    USC student film. A woman reflects on her criminal past as she mourns the death of her mentor.
  • Terrenos (2022)
    USC student film. As a young woman prepares to leave home, she is forced to confront her domineering grandmother.


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