Jesse Pinho

A still from Jone
Writer / Director / Sound Designer
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A lonely android seeks to connect with humans by imitating them, with tragically comedic consequences.

A view down a row of cubicles
Jone listening to her headset
Jone talking into her headset
Jone looking through a window
Jone watching through a window as her colleagues hug
A reflection of Jone in the window as she watches her colleagues walk away
Jone seen through a small window
Jone stands by herself at a staircase landing
Jone stands over her cubicle barrier, speaking to a colleague
Looking down a row of cubicles as Jone's head appears above one of them
Jone presses a button on her headset
Jone presses a button on her headset
Jone sits in her cubicle
Jone, in human form, stands in a park talking
Jone, in human form, covers her eyes