Jesse Pinho


Screenshot testing with React and Storybook

React Europe in Paris

Storybook is an incredibly useful tool for developing presentational components in isolation, but it can also be used for visual regression testing. At Clue, we've combined it with a few other tools to take screenshots of our components in their various states, and then run diffs against the screenshots from master to ensure nothing has been unintentionally changed.

In this lightning talk, I give a brief overview of the tools we put together and how we use them.


What the heck is Redux?

Geekfest at Groupon, Chicago, IL, USA

Redux has made waves since it hit the JavaScript world, but it's still an unfamiliar mystery to many.

This talk is all about the question, "What the heck is Redux?" To answer it, we'll dive into the code of a simple Twitter clone that has two versions: one without Redux, and one with. We'll address the challenges of developing Twitter without Redux -- managing app state, keeping data consistent among components, etc. -- and then take a look at how Redux answers these challenges.