Small steps airlines could take to make flying less miserable

Every time I travel by plane, I am struck by the inanity of so much of the flying experience. It seems that those in charge of designing the experience (if such people actually exist) have done little to no flying themselves, and are thus completely unaware of how disastrously unpleasant airlines make things for their passengers.

Having just disembarked from a particularly offensive flight, I have compiled the following suggestions that I would ask airlines to implement. These are small, uncostly policy and aircraft tweaks that would go a long way toward making the flying experience at least borderline tolerable. Roughly in descending order of importance:

All I want for Christmas? A tolerable flying experience.

  1. Oh, and just before landing, one flight attendant with a particularly shrill voice (and I swear they only allow those flight attendants to use the PA system) took about five minutes to list connecting flights and their gate numbers. She concluded with, "All of this gate information will be displayed on monitors at the terminal as well. Please check the monitors after disembarking, as gate numbers may change at the last minute." So, the purpose of your announcement was...?